Thông tin: KS-6810HS

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Tổng quan

Posiflex presents the fan-free KS-6810-HS as a communication-oriented terminal.

The KS-6810HS allows user to communicate via VoIP handset or hands free through ADSL/LAN or 3.5G GSM module. By combining with the appropriate software and camera, it is easy to call regular phones or video call for free or at an incredible low rate. Equipped with 10.4” touch screen, 1000Mb Ethernet, handset, and camera, the KS-6810HS is suitable for health care, nursing home, customer service and etc.

This series terminal suitable for customer service, health care, retail and other market segments.

  • Resistive touch screen : 10.4” LCD 800 x 600 resolution
  • The energy-efficient Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU to lower energy cost
  • Combination of information and entertainment
  • Fan-free design boasting quiet and anti-dust features
  • Patented aluminum die casting design for efficient cooling
  • Built-in handset and camera lens 2.0 M Pixel for video call
  • Desktop or wall-mounted solution
  • Adjustable LCD tilt angle from 20° to 90° vertically
  • User-friendly mechanism for system upgrade and easy maintenance
  • Integrated with the medical monitoring software to provide the elderly emergency aid or rescue
  • Video-call application to be part of the elderly care system
  • As a bed kiosk that integrated with the center control system for medical management


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